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"Predict Your Pace, Win the Race










8km Basset Ear Prediction Run

April 13, 2024 at 10am 

Predict Your Pace, Win the Race! Embark on an 8km journey along an undulating (a nice way of saying "hilly") country gravel road, free from the distraction of watches, phones or any timing devices. Victory goes to the runner whose predicted time comes closes to their actual finish time, irrespective of when they cross the finish line. Yet, the real prize awaits at the end: indulge in freshly made Basset Ears, our World Famous Mad Trapper Brownies, and BEER!

At the Mad Trapper, we've always held participation, community vibes, fun, and good food above the cutthroat nature of competition. These are the pillars upon which we founded all our races, and the Mad Trapper Basset Ear Prediction Run embodies these ideals to their core.

This unique event takes place on an 8km undulating gravel road, designed as an out-and-back course. Here, speed takes a backseat to strategy: the winner isn't the quickest runner but the one who can most accurately predict their finishing time. Without the aid of any timing devices, it’s your intuition against the clock.

Consider this scenario: if Ottawa's fastest runner crosses the finish line at 28:00 minutes but had predicted a 28:30 completion, their prediction is off by 30 seconds. 

Meanwhile, a participant finishing 54th with a time of 54:02, having guessed a 54:00 finish, misses their mark by just 2 seconds and claims the Overall Win!

Our races are renowned not just for the sense of camaraderie they foster but also for the legendary post-race feast. And this event takes our signature carbo-loading to unprecedented heights. Await the treat of freshly made "Basset Ears" (a nod to Beaver Tails® sans trademark issues), our world-renowned Mad Trapper Brownies, and, of course, beer.

If there’s a more indulgent, enjoyable 8km gravel road race out there, it’s yet to be discovered! Join us for what promises to be the most entertaining race of its kind.