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The Prediction Run Race History and Explanation

Between the end of snowshoeing season and the official start of trail running, there's usually a bit of a quiet period. I thought, why not fill it with something fun? So, in 2014, I kicked off the Pancake Prediction Run. It's a gravel road race, but here's the twist: it's not about speed. Anyone can win this one, EVEN YOU! Because it doesn't matter how fast you run or how fit you are.

After getting my hands on a huge maple syrup evaporator, I figured it was the perfect chance to let everyone taste some of the sweet golden nectar from my maple trees. And guess what? The race was a hit, selling out every single time. But selling out means a lot of hungry people to feed. Monique, bless her, would take the day off work, spending all of Friday and most of Saturday cooking up a storm. Meanwhile, I was having a blast with the racers, munching on bacon and brownies. It didn't seem fair; it was a lot to ask of her. When Covid hit, we decided it was time to hit pause on the race.

But here's the thing—people missed not just the pancakes but the whole idea of the prediction run. They kept asking for it back. I thought, if I'm bringing this back, it has to be as good as, if not better than, what we had. Then, last spring, a lightbulb moment: we could switch up the food for something tasty but easier to manage than a full-on sugar shack breakfast. I tried getting a Beaver Tail® truck here, but that turned out to be a headache.

So, in true DIY spirit, I thought, why not make our own deep-fried treats? And that's how we shifted from the Pancake Prediction Run to the Basset Ear Run. The idea's the same: it's not about who's fastest but who can nail their finish time prediction. Here's a quick rundown:

You show up, tell me you're gonna finish the 8k in 42:30, and your mom says 1:25:00 for her. No watches allowed, you both run, and surprise—you finish in 54 minutes because you didn't account for the gravel and those hills. Your mom does better, coming in just 30 seconds off her prediction. So, she wins, even though you finished way ahead.

Win or lose, everyone gets to dig into freshly cooked Basset Ears and our famous brownies at the end. Might be the unhealthiest race out there, but man, is it worth it!

​​​​​​Race Particulars

​​​​​​There will be no race day registration for this event. Online registration only, $60 includes the race and Basset Ears, Brownies and Beer.​​​​​​​

This event will be limited to a total of 50 racers.​​​​​​​

Friends and family are welcome to attend, but there is a $15 Basset Ear fee that must also be purchased in advance online.

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